Are you ready to make the move from wired earphones to Bluetooth Wireless Earphones? We know it’s a tough call, but we have listed some advantages to help you make the decision easier

No Wires!

The great thing about Wireless Bluetooth earphones is that there is no danger of your wires getting caught or in the way. Also no need to worry about your earphone wires becoming worn out, tangled up or falling apart.

Have you ever tried getting off a packed train and your earphones got caught on someone’s jacket? ANNOYING!!!

Long-lasting Battery

Most Bluetooth earphones can be used for most of the day, you could go several days using your earphones without the need to charge. Some earphones come with charging cases, which means you can charge your earphones while on the go, most cases can hold up to 5 full charges.

Effortless Connection

Most Bluetooth earphones will connect to your chosen device automatically (after they have initially been set up), providing a seamless connection at all times. The majority of earphones have a range of up to 15meters, meaning you can listen to your favourite tunes in the bathroom while your device is in the kitchen.

Advanced Technology

Nowadays, Wireless Earphones are built with the latest technology and features to help make your day to day much easier.

Some of these advaned features include –

– Commanding Siri & other voice assistants.
– Answer & end calls with a simple touch.
– Battery remaining notifications e.g. Pop-up window.
– Auto-pairing e.g. all you need to do is open the lid of your charging case and your earphones are automatically paired to its last device.
– Touch Control, simple touch commands to operate certain functions on your device e.g. music, phone etc.
– Ear Sensor Auto Pausing e.g. Will pause music when one earphone is taken out of the ear.
– And so much more!.

Have we convinced you? Check out our range of Bluetooth Wireless Earphones for all budgets and requirements –